Erie Playhouse

Performance: Bowling with the Erie Playhouse Stars Genre: Fundraiser Series: Special Event Location: Eastway Lanes

Bowling with the Erie Playhouse Stars


Join the Erie Playhouse "stars," friends and family for an afternoon of fun, games, prizes and UNLIMITED pop & pizza. It's the 3rd annual "Bowling With the Erie Playhouse Stars" fundraiser. Contests and games of chance include: Blue Pin (get a strike when the blue pin is up and win a prize), Strike Fund (win a prize if your ticket is chosen and you bowl a strike) AND a Chinese Auction with fabulous prizes.

Congratulations to our winners! Winners will receive a voucher good for two tickets to the Erie Playhouse!!

  • High score (team with 5 people) Wager This - Chad Bonifazi, Bobby Copfer, Tom Wager, Brian Nash, Chris Dearbeck
  • High score (team with 4 people) The Lindbergs - Christine Lindberg, Nathaniel Ropski, Jenna Lindberg, Brian Lindberg
  • Low score (team with 5 people) Purple Players - Donald Jenkins, Stacy McClure, John Burton, Carla Hughes, Kelley Ulmer
  • Low score (team with 4 people) I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter- Cara Niebling, Emily Holmberg, Kyle Brace, Ethan Craig
  • Individual High Score (3 games) - Brian Lindberg
  • Individual High Game - Chris Dearbeck
  • Individual Low Score (3 games) - Payton Thiem
  • Individual Low Game - Ethan Craig

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