One Cool Friend

One Cool Friend

Polite, bow-tie-and-suit-wearing Elliot is none too excited when his father suggests attending Family Fun Day at the aquarium. But once he is there, he is drawn to the Magellanic penguins, whose tidy black feather tuxedos with their proper posture remind Elliot of himself. So he decides to sneak one home in his backpack, under his father’s seemingly oblivious eye. Once home, Elliot and his new penguin pal dine on frozen anchovy pizzas, share Goldfish crackers, and skate on a mini ice rink in his room (created with a wading pool and hose)—all the while his father is blithely engaged with his atlas, maps, and charts and appears not to notice the goings-on. 

This delightful musical will charm the entire family.

Admission is FREE.  Please use the contact form below to reserve your seats online (let us know how many seats you will need, and what day you will attend (Sat @ 12 pm, Sat @ 2 pm, or Sun @ 2 pm), and whether or not you want to stay after the show to attend the Parent-and-me session) or call the box office. 


Erie Playhouse
13 W. 10 St.
Erie, PA 16501


  • Saturday, Mar. 11, 2017 · 12:00 pm
  • Saturday, Mar. 11, 2017 · 2:00 pm
  • Sunday, Mar. 12, 2017 · 2:00 pm
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