Erie Playhouse

Youtheatre Auditions

Upcoming Youtheatre Auditions

Arthur's Halloween & Holiday Showstoppers
August 22 & 23, 2016, 4:00p-6:00p

Arthur's Halloween
October 14-16, 21-23, 2016
Directed/Choreographed by Richard Davis
Musical Direction by Michael Malthaner

Please prepare a short song with piano or CD accompaniment and a short monologue. Your materials do not have to be memorized, but it is highly recommended. Open to ages 5-18.

Roles Available:
Arthur Read
Arthur's Mom
Arthur's Dad
Binky Barnes
Buster Baxter
The Brain
Mrs. Sweetwater
Ms. Yolanda
Mr. Ratburn
Mrs. Tibble
Neighbor Woman
Baby Kate
Puppy Pal
Miss Bryan
Students/neighborhood children
Other teachers

Holiday Showstoppers
Directed/Choreographed by Kate Neubert-Lechner
Musical Direction by Andrew Rainbow

The Showstoppers are a traveling group who perform throughout the community as Playhouse ambassadors. Students aged 12-18 are eligible to audition. Please prepare a verse and chorus of a song and be prepared to learn short dance audition if you have not previously danced at the Playhouse. Please note that the Showstoppers are VERY busy throughout the holiday season, so if you know you will have a lot of conflicts the month of December, please consider auditioning for the Summer/Fall Showstoppers at a later date.

Auditions will be held at our rehearsal hall, 1158 East 12th Street.

Contact Kate with any questions.

Worried About Auditioning? Don't Be!

How to Prepare

Find a monologue. If you have been in a play/musical before, you may use a selection from there. Otherwise, you should find an age-appropriate (i.e. a young character) monologue from a play, musical, movie, or even a short poem. Monologues can be found online or in collections at bookstores. You should try to memorize your monologue - but it is not necessary (although it does show dedication!).

Find a song. You should select a song you like to sing in a comfortable key. Sheet music is available online, or at a music or book store. Whatever song you choose should have accompaniment - sheet music or a CD with NO lyrics. Bring this with you to the audition. There will be a pianist at the auditions to play your music for you.

Practice, Practice, Practice! Rehearse ahead of time in front of familiar people - parents, friends, or a music teacher. Practice with someone playing the piano for you. This is very important because the piano accompaniment may not be exactly what you're used to hearing on a recording or video. Take time to sing with a piano.

Know the play/musical you are auditioning for. Perusal scripts are available for checkout (with a $10 deposit) at the Erie Playhouse Box Office 2-3 weeks before auditions.

The Process

When you arrive at auditions, you will be asked to fill out an audition form. This form includes: contact information and previous theatre experience, a place to list scheduling conflicts, performance dates and times, and other important information.

After you have filled out your audition form, you should keep it with you. When you audition, you will be called by the number on the top, right-hand corner of your audition form. Please take your audition form, the song with musical accompaniment and your monologue/poem with you.

There may also be a movement or dance audition. The choreographer will teach a dance or movement combination to small groups. Each group will then perform the combination for the director.

Important Things to Remember

Wear comfortable clothing to the audition and have a neat, physical appearance.


Have a lot of energy when you audition.

Be polite to everyone, starting with the first person you see at the audition, all of the others who are there to audition, and those in the audition room.

Introduce yourself to the director, music director, choreographer, and piano player. These people will most likely be in your audition.

Say thank you when the audition is over.

If you have any other questions about auditioning, contact Kate for more details.