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Staff and Board Members


Kate Neubert-Lechner
Executive Director
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814-454-2852, ext. 7
Charles Corritore
Business Manager
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814-454-2852, ext. 0
Domenic Del Greco
Youtheatre/Education Director
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814-454-2856 ext 6
Kelly Craig
Marketing & Social Media Director
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814-454-2852, ext. 3
Richard Davis
Producing Director
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814-454-2852, ext. 2
Teri Marshall
Season Ticket Manager/Development Assistant
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814-454-2852, ext. 4
Carolin Lynn
Box Office Manager
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814-454-2852, ext. 0
Ryan Ingram
Costume Designer
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814-454-2852, ext. 9
Andrew Rainbow
Music Director
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814-454-2852, ext. 5
Trisha Yates
PLAYtime Coordinator for Erie Community Schools
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Brendan Daugherty
Scenic Shop Manager
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814-454-2852, ext. 8
Karen Etter
Box Office
814-454-2852, ext. 0
Crystal Corritore
Assistant Costume Designer
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814-454-2852, ext. 9
Angela Pulling
House Manager
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Maeve Kirby
PLAYtime Community Coordinator/Education Assistant
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Karen Nasca
PLAYtime Facilitator


Michael Wachter, President

Emily Cassano, Vice President

Michael Haas, Secretary

Dale DeMarco, Treasurer

Bill Williams, Past President

Jermaine Beason

Michael Burns

Sonya Byes

Emily Cassano

Thomas Corso

Ken Dias

Bonnie Fagan

Michael Houston

Carl Larese

Michael Meyer

Krista Perry

Alan Natalie

Heidi Sheehan

Allison Judd (Wing)

Carla Hughes (In Memoriam)