Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Kelly Craig

Kelly Craig, Marketing & Social Media Director

Kelly Craig (She/Her) has been a part of the Playhouse family since 2007, when her son auditioned for his first Youtheatre show. She started volunteering immediately, putting in time in the costume shop, the scenic shop, as a designer for special promotions at the Playhouse, and as an officer on the Wing.

Born in Pittsburgh, Kelly moved around the country growing up, attended Boise State University for Advertising/Design, and returned to Pennsylvania 25 years ago with husband, Ron. She has been owner and designer at Kelly Craig Design since her return, where she has worked with clients such as Microbial Insights, Postnet, The Purple Martin Conservation Association, The Tom Ridge Environmental Center Foundation, and The Presque Isle Partnership. In addition to design work for her clients, Kelly provided them a full-service experience, coordinating marketing efforts, helping her clients establish successful branding, and giving their brands a distinctive voice in social media platforms.

Kelly and Ron have two grown children and are the adoptive family of an assortment of rescued cats and dogs (and a unique but somewhat stupid pink axolotl).