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Audition Results

Spring Awakening Cast List

Melchior Gabor: Luke Weyand

Moritz Stiefel: Joshua Lapping

Wendla Bergman: Kat Elan*

Ilse Neumann: Anna Droney

Martha Bessell: Maia Magerle*

Anna:  Esther DeMary*

Thea:  Leah Mathie

Ernst Robel: Brennan Herlihy

Georg Zirschnitz:  A.J. Ferretti

Hanschen Rilow: Austin Kulyk

Otto Lammermeir: Jacob Millman*

Adult Male Authority Figure:  Michael Hipwell

Adult Female Authority Figure:  Anna McJunkin

Female Ensemble: Leah Haas & Maeve Kirby

Male Ensemble:  Roland Robbinson & Kiaran Todd*

To say that this show was difficult to cast would be an extreme understatement.  We were overwhelmed with the amount of new talent we saw, as well as the growth from veteran performers and could have cast the show at least twice with the incredible talent that we had, but ultimately, it came down to splitting hairs over vocal quality, look, the chemistry of the cast makeup, the particular qualities of the actors, and, of course, conflicts. We are thrilled with the cast that has been assembled and cannot wait to start this process with you. Our first read and sing through will be Saturday, May 25that 2:30p at the Playhouse Rehearsal Hall (1158 East 12thStreet).  Kate will be emailing you all prior to that with some more information, so keep an eye out for it.  We look forward to seeing you all then!

All our best,

Kate, Andrew, Dom, Emily, & James


Thanks to all who auditioned for 42nd Street!


The cast below could have included many more of you if conflicts, cast size and roles held did not hold us back from casting really talented performers. PLEASE come back and audition again.

 To the cast – We are excited to work with you on this wonderful musical that closes the EP’s 102nd season. Please look for an email in a week or so with details of our first rehearsal and more information, including additional roles to be assigned. If you have questions, please contact Almi at 814-602-8747.

 A special shout out to thank Heidi Sheehan for her work in preparing you all for the auditions! 

 Thank you –

 Almi Clerkin

Andrew Rainbow

Heidi Sheehan


42nd Street Cast List


Dorothy Brock - an established Broadway Star                    DIANE HARDNER

Peggy Sawyer - Young, talented and hopeful                       PEYTON THIEM

Maggie Jones - Co-Author of Pretty Lady                RAE JEAN URBANOWICZ

Ann Reilly - Chorus Girl                                                    KRISTEN HENRY^

Phyllis Dale - Chorus Girl                                             TARA HART-LEWIS*^

Lorraine Fleming - Chorus Girl                                  ADRIA URBANOWICZ*^

Gladys - Chorus Girl                                                      MEGAN SABATINI*^

Diane Lorimer - Chorus Girl                                              DESIREE SCOTT^

Ethel - Chorus Girl                                                                JADE BURNS^

Julian Marsh - Broadway Show Director                                   BOB MARTIN

Bert Barry - Co-Author of Pretty Lady                                 PATRICK THIEM

Billy Lawlor - Juvenile Lead                                              AARON HOLMAN

Andy Lee - Dance Director                                              SEAMUS CLERKIN^

Mac - Stage Manager                                                         MICHAEL MEYER

Pat Denning - Dorothy’s former  Vaudeville Partner                   PAUL BILLS

Abner Dillon - Pretty Lady “Angel”                                MICHAEL WACHTER

Millie - Dancer                                                              MEGAN HARRISON^

Robin - Dancer                                                                KRISTEN WEIBEL^

Olive, Rehearsal Pianist                                                          KATE THIEM

Conductor                                                                    ANDREW RAINBOW


 KELLY BUCK*                                                         RORY BRADY

JORDYN GAINES*                                                    SEAMUS CLERKIN

LAURIE FITZGERALD                                               ANTHONY DANDREA*

JO THEISEN*                                                           BENJAMIN GUILD*

HEIDI SHEEHAN                                                      TUCKER MILLER

JENSEN SMITH                                                       JOSIAH PRITTIE

CARLEE WOOD                                                       DECLAN WALZ*

 ^ Also part of the Ensemble



Director/Staging                                                                Almitra Clerkin

Choreographer                                                                    Heidi Sheehan

Stage Manager                                                                        Julie Lokahi

Vocal Director                                                                         Kate Thiem

Music Director                                                                 Andrew Rainbow


Katherine Blake: Leah Johnson

Ellie Blake: Melina Walter

Mike: Bill Speros

Fletcher: William Speros*

The Students

Gretchen: Sanae Stephens

Hannah: Audrey King

Adam: Aaron Holman

Savannah: Tealey Ingram

Parker: Caroline Judd

Wells: Luke Bongiorno*

Laurel: Zayna Darres

 Student Ensemble

Rory Brady                           Jenna Baker

Zeke Cordero                       Alexis Boyd

JR Dandrea                          Amanda Brown*

Logan Kearney                     Ava Gardner

Ben LaRiccia                        Emily Morphy

The Adults

Torrey: Nicole Schneelock*

Mrs. Meyers/ Officer Sitz: Amelia Wisinski

Danielle/Mrs. Time/Savannah’s Mom: Teni Siano

Dr. Ehrin/Officer Kowalski/Wells’ Dad: Tom Wager

Pastor Bruno/Mrs. Luckenbill: Mary Beth Brady

Grandpa Gordon/ Mr.Blumen: Jerry Villella

Grandma Helene: Juanita Kleckner

Louis/Senor O’Brien: Anthony Ferraro

Adam’s Mom: Barbara Vasquez*

Gretchen’s Mom: Collette DiAngi*

Adult Ensemble: Rachel Counasse

*indicates Mainstage Debut


Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  We had a GREAT turn out.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t cast everyone.  We had a lot of AMAZING talent which made the casting decisions very difficult.  

We hope you will all come out again for future productions.

Congratulations to those of you who were cast! We are excited to get started.

Our first rehearsal will be in mid April. We will be in touch soon with the specifics. 

Ryan, Brendan, Melissa & Patrick