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Audition Results

Gaslight Audition Results –

Mrs. Manningham – Amanda Hurd

Mr. Manningham – Dan Stripp*

Rough – Chris Bucci

Elizabeth – Teresa Testrake

Nancy – Hannah Richardson

*Mainstage debut

First things first – Congratulations to those of you who were cast. This is going to be an exciting rehearsal process, and a great show. We will start rehearsals near the beginning of the new year, and you can stop by the box office during regular business hours to pick up your script.

Second things second – It’s an understatement to say that casting this show was difficult. We joked at the audition about triple casting, and we could have done that, easily. DO NOT take not being cast as a reflection on your talents! If we had cast one or more roles in a different way, if we had a larger cast overall, if we were doing a different show – you get the picture. Pick your fine self up, and get to another audition! And come back to us the next time around. We would love to work with any and all of you in the future.

Thank you – Carolin and Michael

Frozen Jr., Cast List


Anna:  Maddie Penpek

Elsa:  Marley Tressler*

Kristoff:  Dylan Vergotz

Hans: Robbie Mailliard

Sven: Parker Irwin

Olaf: Aaron Darold

Young Elsa/Snow Chorus:  Karlee Kerchansky

Middle Elsa/Snow Chorus:  Jossy Peach

Young Anna/Snow Chorus: Avery Fiscus

Middle Anna/Snow Chorus: Haven Bills

Pabbie: Jordan Smith*

Bulda: Ella Work

Oaken: Rodshmier Eddy

King Agnarr: Harry Casbohm*

Queen Iduna: Vanessa Nolan

Bishop:  Zack Yeager

Weselton: Myles Bruce  

Oaken’s Family/Castle Staff:

Mandy Berlin

Hadleigh Jae Bills

Amanda Brown*

Nathan Christman

Norah Dana

Stella Fox

Cosette Genest

 Emily Morphy

Jaxon Smith

Ava Strip


Devlija Bico

Michael Corritore

Mary Corritore*

Isabella Foriska

Emma Hughson

Tobeigh Ingram

Addy Johnson*

Gabrielle Moore*

Lilli Morrison*

Isabel Moser

Mira Murosky

Margaret Niyogushinia*

Tuyisabe Pendo*

Anjali Selvam*

Sydni Siano*

Ryan Slupski

Rob Socash*

Liam Tercero

Jackson Webb

Isabella Wood


Snow Chorus:

Hailey Corritore

Ella Corritore

Lainey Kress*

Ryan Lambert*

Jenna Meyer*

Amelia Riemedio*

Emma Thompson*

Lilyanna Work

Hidden Folk/Summer Chorus:

Olivia Blount*

Erin Callaghan

Shane Dexter

Camilla Emch

Molly Elliott

Gigi Gebhardt

Max Gebhardt*

Eden Irwin*

Teajanae Johnson*

Joseph D. Jones Jr.*

Joss Anoah Jones*

Cavin Kress*

Aaron Mailliard*

Lauren Middleton

Molly Parks*

McKenzie Rowland*

Adam Silkworth*

Levi Silkworth*

Aubrey Stidham*

Caroline Strobel


Hey everyone! 

Wow.  This was the best/worst most bittersweet casting process I think I've experienced in my time here.   First of all there were 117 of you who came to auditions!   Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into them.   You made our decision so very difficult.  

Obviously we couldn't fit 117 kids on stage at once, let alone the dressing rooms, the costume situation, etc...   So, quite unfortunately, some very difficult decisions had to be made.  So many new faces came out for this show too and we tried our very best to make the best show we possibly could and to hand out as many opportunities to as many people as we could.

Ultimately, there were so many options and opportunities that for the very first time in our memory, we had to hold callbacks for YouTheatre. In the end, we were able to make a decision we were comfortable with, though it was quite painful for us to do so.

Our decisions came down to a mixture of age, type, look, and presence; and, because of all of your hard work, we were actually able to lend quite a bit of weight to character and monologue work for these auditions.  We were actually able to get decent foresight into the potential actor to actor chemistry before we had even begun the rehearsal process.

Congratulations to all those who were cast and please, if you did not end up being cast, or even if you were and did not end up with the role you hoped for, do not be discouraged.  Please come back for the next show, Tuck Everlasting, in May (Auditions will likely be in the end of March). Try not to be too disappointed in these results.  With the sheer volume of people and talent that came through the doors for this show and only a small number of roles to go around, it really came down to the wire in almost every case.   As if the late posting of this list wasn't evidence enough of that.  We wish every audition for YouTheatre could be just as filled to the brim with so much talent and so much dedication.  

To those who were cast, the first read-through and parent meeting will be TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12th @ 630pm AT THE THEATRE at 13 W 10th St. We normally do not rehearse this late, but schedules for this show may be a little odd based on the conflicts we'll be working around.

Again...  Thank you!   Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talents with us and for making our decisions so very hard.  We hope to see ALL of you again soon!

Dom, Kate, Andrew, Kanisha