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Teen Beginning Acting (12+)

Meets every Tuesday from March 24th through May 19th of 2020
Tuesdays at 6pm at the Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall
Cost: $85

Do you have a teenager who just discovered their interest in Acting and Musical Theatre and doesn't know where to start?  This class is perfect for just that situation!

This class will introduce them to the basics of acting, improvisation, body language, and storytelling for the stage, but is geared toward a slightly older age group.  This is a great entry point for teens who have not yet had any (or very little) experience with acting and performance and want to get involved and express themselves on stage.  

We'll play improv games, work on character building, and do some scene work to teach your kids how to harness their creativity and use it practically in creating characters and telling interesting stories.

(This class may be profitably taken more than once.)

Instructed by Michael Haas


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