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Acting and Imagination

Meets Every Wednesday from March 25th through May 20th of 2020
Wednesdays at 4pm at the Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall
Cost: $85

If you have a child with an interest in creativity, imaginative games, and playing pretend, who hasn't had the opportunity to try out stage performance yet, this class is a great introduction to the idea of acting!  We'll help bridge the gap between pretend storytelling and acting techniques.  We'll cover some improv games and a little bit of stage performance techniques to give your child a nice and easy sampling of Acting for the stage.  

This class is a great beginning point for younger children who want to try out stage performance in a fun and safe environment.  It is a great stepping stone for children who think they might enjoy acting but have not yet had the opportunity to try!

Instructed by Michael Hipwell

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