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Acting Intensive (eligibility based on experience rather than age)

Cost: $85

If your young actor has already taken several classes, performed in shows, and is already comfortable on stage, let us help them further their knowledge.  We’ll focus on more intensive monologue and scene work, provide more tools to help create character, and explore more advanced improvisation to help students develop the knowledge and techniques they'll need for a career or lifelong hobby in the theatre. 

We'll tackle more advanced scene and monologue work and help educate students for future roles on stage, auditions, and help prepare them for work above and beyond high school theatre.

If you are interested in taking this class, please email Dom DelGreco at to discuss eligibility and times.

(please note that the time and availability of this class is flexible based on student interest and enrollment) 

Instructed by Dom Del Greco and Kate Neubert-Lechner

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