Journey to a Trauma Informed Life


Winter/Spring 2024

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Class Schedules

Classes meet once a week for seven week sessions. You can sign up for one, all, or any combination of sessions:

  • Session 1: Jan 8 – Feb 23
  • Session 2: March 4 – April 19
  • Session 3: April 22 – June 7

Upcoming YouTheatre Shows

Lyle the Crocodile

  • Auditions: Dec 10 & 11 @ 4:30
  • Audition Workshop: Dec 9 @ 10:30

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Musical

  • Auditions: March 4 & 5 @ 4:30
  • Audition Workshop: March 2 @ 10:30


Sundays Jan – May | 6 – 8 PM
Ages 8 – 16

Ever get tired of those post-show blues? Wish you could be on stage all year round? Now you can, because Showstoppers is BACK! Showstoppers is an auditioned show choir that works on musical theatre pieces all semester with performances throughout. In this group you will strengthen your skills as a singer, dancer, and actor all while collaborating as a group to find ways to make everyone shine.

Showstoppers Originals

Sundays Jan – May | 4 – 6 PM
Ages 12 – 18

For the advanced thespian looking for an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills and explore the possibilities of the world of theatre; this group will work together to create a completely original work to be performed for the public at the end of the semester. During the process of devising their own theatrical piece, the students will learn advanced techniques in movement, voice, and storytelling to utilize in the creation of their work. Additionally, all design and production aspects will be led by the students with guidance from industry professionals.

Auditions: December 14 & 15 @ 4:30

Ages 5 – 7

Saturday Morning Playtime!

Saturdays | 9:30 – 11 | $65

Join our stellar Playtime facilitators for some Saturday morning Playtime fun! Each Saturday will feature a different storybook with its own themed activities to go along with it.

Ages 8 – 14

Audition 101

Wednesdays | 6:30 – 8 | $80

Learn what it takes to have a stellar audition! In this class we will go over how to find a monologue and song for auditions, how to decide on your 32 bar or 16 bar cut, how to ensure you have proper accompaniment, and how to slate like a professional at your next audition.

Musical Theatre: Voice

Thursdays | 4:30 – 6 | $80

This class will explore different musical theatre singing styles and select group and solo pieces to work on in those styles. Students will also work on improving their range and music reading abilities.

Musical Theatre: Dance

Thursdays | 6:30 – 8 | $80

Each session will go over a different musical theatre dance style and perfect the choreography to an iconic number using that style. Sessions will cover the following styles of dance: Session 1:Jazz; Session 2: Tap; Session 3:Contemporary

Ages 14 – 18

Improv For Actors

Fridays | 4:30 – 6 | $80

Many of the greatest actors got their start in Improv – Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Steven Colbert,Catherine O’Hara, Bob Odenkirk, the list goes on and on! Take this class to see why improv is a great foundation for any actor to have.

Intro to Playwriting

Fridays | 6:30 – 8 | $80

Do you have dreams of writing the next big Broadway sensation? Or perhaps you just want to know what goes into writing a script? In this class, we will explore the basics any aspiring playwright needs. From plot structure,formatting, and the nuances that make playwriting a different skill set than standard creative writing, this class is the perfect jumping off-point for anyone looking to explore the creative options theatre has to offer off the stage.

The Whole Family

Saturday Morning Stretch & Mingle

Saturdays | 9:30 – 11 | FREE

The whole family can enjoy a relaxing Saturday morning with the Playhouse! Join in for some yoga-based movement and conversation with your Playhouse community while the kids are in classes.Open to all ages and abilities; this group is for anyone looking for some chill time with your theatre family.

Theatre Career Exploration Days

Saturdays in March | 12 – 2 | FREE

Each Saturday afternoon in March, explore a different career in the theatre! See what is involved in a career in sets, costumes, directing, or administration. Each afternoon workshop will be led by a professional currently working in the field and will include some activities to help you explore what it would be like to work in the theatre.