Journey to a Trauma Informed Life



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The term “gaslighting” has become a standard part of the English language, but few people know that it all started with this captivating play, written in 1938 by Patrick Hamilton. Set in foggy 1880’s London, Gaslight introduces us to a recently married couple, anxious wife, Bella Manningham and her overbearing husband Jack. Bella’s mental health is rapidly deteriorating — she’s often forgetful, misplacing items, and imagining things that aren’t there — convincing her that she’s in the early stages of insanity, a disease from which her mother died. But what of the dimming lights and footsteps heard within the house while her husband is away? Are these simply a figment of her delusional mind?

Then late one evening, a stranger comes to the house while Jack is out and explains he is there to help Mrs. Manningham. Who is this man and what secrets does he know? Is Bella truly going mad? This Victorian thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as you discover the mysteries of the Manningham home.


Mrs. Manningham
Amanda Hurd

Mr. Manningham
Dan Stripp*

Chris Bucci

Teresa Testrake

Hannah Richardson