Cattle Call Auditions


Tuesday, Jul. 16, 2019


6:30 pm


Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall
1158 East 12th Street
Erie, PA 16503



Book by Arthur Kopit, Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston Based on the novel "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella

Music by Richard Rodgers, Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II New Book by Douglas Carter Beane Original Book by Oscar Hammerstein II


Cattle Call  will be held on July 15 & 16 at 6:30 pm at the Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall at 1158 East 12th Street.

 Actors are asked to arrive and to sign in within the first hour of the audition start time. All roles are available.  The creative team is actively seeking a diverse cast for these productions and encourage actors of all backgrounds to audition.  


The musical is a bloody melodrama about the frightening caped and masked ˜phantom' living in the depths of the Paris Opera. The Phantom (Eric) lives for beautiful music and is mesmerized by a young and beautiful soprano, Christine. He offers to train the girl and make her into a great singer. Trouble ensues when Gerard Carrier is fired as the Opera House Manager and replaced by the revolting diva, Carlotta, and her husband Cholet. Carlotta attempts to sabotage Christine's voice and in return the Phantom kills Carlotta. Finally, the police come searching for the Phantom. Knowing that Eric would be devastated to be taken alive, Carrier (who is actually Eric's father) shoots and kills the "phantom".

Director/Choreographer - Richard Davis

Assistant Director - John Burton

Vocal Director - Andrew Rainbow

Show Dates: September 13-14, 20-22, 25-29 2019

Rehearsals begin Late July

Audition requirements  - Please prepare a 32 bar cut of a  musical theatre piece that showcases vocal range and your ability to interpret lyrics and create character,  as well as a monologue one minute or less that provides a contrasting character to that shown in your song.  Though some dancers are needed for the show there will be no formal dance audition.

With the exception of one young boy the show is open to ages 14 and up.

Roles in PHANTOM

Erik, the Phantom (Lead): Male, 20-40; baritone with bass notes; dark and brooding with artistic sensitivity underneath; shuns contact with people, but is yearning for love (which he finds with Christine).

Christine Daae (Lead): Female, 20-30’s  young, beautiful soprano; warm and optimistic; filled with dreams of singing on the opera stage; drawn to Erik's musical gifts and to his soul.

Count Philippe de Chandon (Lead): Male, 20-30”s  baritone/tenor; rich patron of the arts; handsome and confident; is in love with Christine.

Gerard Carriere (Lead): Male, 40-60+ baritone; former director of the Opera; warm and wise; Erik's protector; a kind man with a dark secret.

Alain Cholet (Lead): Male, 30-60+ the new head of the Opera; comic character man; gives the impression of being in charge but is in fact ruled by Carlotta.

Carlotta (Lead): Female, 30-6 ; Alain Cholet's diva wife; mezzo soprano; grande dame of the Opera; jealous of anyone younger, prettier, and more talented, especially Christine.

Inspector Ledoux (Lead): Male, 35-60 character man; efficient and serious police inspector; wants to get to the bottom of the Phantom's alleged crimes.

Jean Claude – 30-60 The Stage Manager

Fleure, Flora, Florence - Catty opera chorus girls.

Young Eric – The Phantom as a boy – appears in a flash back segment – must sing well.

 Ensemble – Members of the Opera Company, Patrons, Police, Waiters, Acolytes

Cinderella Logo 4C 1 Orig

Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella is the new Broadway adaptation of the classic musical. Douglas Carter Beane's new book re-invents the classic tale of a maid-turned-princess with fresh comedy, wit and satire: with pumpkin, glass slippers, Fairy Godmother and other story elements intact, it is now Cinderella's turn to rescue the Prince, reminding us once again that in a cruel world the act that matters most is kindness. In addition to musical numbers from the original score—including "In My Own Little Corner," "Impossible/It's Possible," "Ten Minutes Ago" and "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?"—this new production of Cinderella will include several songs from the Rodgers & Hammerstein trunk."

Director/Choreographer - Richard Davis

Musical Director - Andrew Rainbow

Show Dates - December - 6-7, 13-15, 18-22, 27-29

Rehearsals begin early October

Audition requirements  - Please prepare a 32 bar cut of a  musical theatre piece that showcases vocal range and your ability to interpret lyrics and create character,  as well as a monologue one minute or less that provides a contrasting character to that shown in your song.  There will be a movement audition for Cinderella.

Open to Ages 14 and up


Ella (Supporting): Female, 20-29 though no one notices her beneath her rags and quiet demeanor, she is opinionated, charismatic, passionate, beautiful and funny, idealistic and hopeful, she courageously challenges the prince to change the policies in his kingdom and helps him discover who he truly is, always her late father’s daughter, she is determined to see the good in everyone despite her hardships and suffering, we see her blossom into a confident woman, beautiful and expressive traditional musical theatre soprano, an elegant dancer with strong partnering skills and great comedic timing. 

Topher (Supporting): Male, 20-35 a misguided and lost prince who longs to do something important with his life, though brave and heroic, he feels lonely and unfulfilled, charming but not a stereotypical ladies man, he is thoughtful, appealing and innocent with an unforced goofy streak, moral, genuine and kindhearted, he is at a crossroads and must take control of his kingdom and his future, must have strong dance and partnering skills and great comedic timing, soaring, rich musical theatre baritone to G. 

Madame (Supporting): Female, 45-69 Ella’s selfish stepmother, the epitome of vanity and fashion, a ravenous social climber who values wealth, status, and material possessions above all else, unapologetically dismissive and sometimes cruel, Madame schemes her way up the social ladder, must have incredible comic timing, traditional musical theatre character voice. 

Sebastian (Supporting): Male, 40-69  the kingdom’s Lord Chancellor, though he is Topher’s trusted advisor, he is devious and selfish, using propaganda and dishonesty, he keeps Topher isolated and in the dark about his kingdom, rules without regard for the lower class, or anyone other than himself and truly believes he deserves to rule the kingdom, must have incredible comic timing, traditional musical theatre character voice. 

Marie (Supporting): Female, 40-69  a friend to Ella and the town’s resident crazy lady and beggar woman, is actually a fairy godmother in disguise, wise, warm, otherworldly and charming, rewards Ella for her kindness by making her dreams a possibility, glorious and expressive traditional musical theatre soprano to a G. 

Gabrielle (Supporting): Female, 20-39 Ella’s stepsister and daughter of Madame, encouraged by her mother and sister to value material wealth and social status, she unenthusiastically joins them in their abrasive behavior, quietly passionate, empathetic, and witty, she is drawn to Ella and Jean-Michel, ironically aware that she doesn’t fit in, must have great comic timing, strong and expressive traditional musical theatre voice. 

Jean-Michel (Supporting): Male, 20-39  a feisty, passionate peasant determined to make a change for the starving class, impetuous, a firebrand, but lacks authority and isn’t taken seriously as a revolutionary, has a crush on Gabrielle, though their courtship is forbidden because they are from different social classes, interested in all physical types–he could be scrawny, chubby, short, tall, etc., must have great comic timing, traditional musical theatre voice, must understand musical phrasing and have an attractive, compelling sound. 

Charlotte (Supporting): Female, 30-39  Ella’s stepsister and daughter of Madame, brash, self-centered, materialistic, snooty, loud, sassy, and bratty, has a ridiculously high, but unfounded opinion of herself, never passes up an opportunity to be the center of attention, must have great comic timing, strong and expressive traditional musical theatre character belt to an F. 

Lord Pinkelton (Supporting): Male, 30-59  the Lord Chancellor’s right-hand man, announces royal balls, banquets and even the weather to the villagers, must have great comic timing, traditional musical theatre tenor to an A with power,  

Ensemble - Knights, Lords, Ladies, Townspeople, Footman, Coachman, Giant