The SHOWSTOPPERS are the Youtheatre ambassadors for the Erie Playhouse in Erie County. Throughout the year, this talented song and dance troupe performs musical variety shows for organizational meetings, parties, school functions, festivals, and holiday events. Build lasting friendships and experience great fun - become an Erie Playhouse SHOWSTOPPER! 

Interested in auditioning for this fun, one-of-a-kind group of young performers?  We'll be holding auditions for the HOLIDAY SHOWSTOPPERS on September 11th and 12th! Click here for more details. 

How do groups book the SHOWSTOPPERS?

Simply call 454-2852 ext. 6 or email Dom DelGreco with the date and time of your event. 

  • The SHOWSTOPPERS are available to perform in the evening on weekdays and any time on the weekends. 
  • Performance availability is first come, first served. 
  • The SHOWSTOPPERS come equipped with their own sound system. All that is needed is adequate space to perform. 

The SHOWSTOPPERS look forward to performing for you!