Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Auditions for Showstoppers & Showstoppers Originals

Audition Information

December 14 & 15 @ 4:30 PM At Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall (1158 E 12th St, Erie, PA 16503)

You can audition for both groups if you wish!

Auditions for Showstoppers:

Prepare one 16-32 measure cut of a song ( ~ 1 minute) WITH PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT or a karaoke track

Auditions will include a short range test with scales, echo singing portion, and part singing test.

Auditions for Showstoppers: Originals:

Prepare one ~ 1 – 2 minute Monologue OR prepare a short creative writing sample to read aloud.


Link to Audition Form:

Resources for finding Audition Materials:

Example Monologues for Girls ages 8 – 18

Example Monologues for Boys ages 8 – 18

Websites for finding songs:


Contact if you want more assistance with finding audition monologues or songs

Schedules and Time Commitment

We know that students’ schedules are CRAZY, so Showstoppers only rehearses Sunday afternoons/evenings and tries to keep performances on Sundays as well (though this is not always possible). See the attached calendars for a tentative look at what the Showstoppers time commitment might look like for both groups. THESE ARE NOT FINAL SCHEDULES, THEY ARE LIKELY TO CHANGE!

Showstoppers Schedule


Showstopper: Originals Schedule