Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Youtheatre Auditions

Auditions for 2024 Season:

Lyle the Crocodile

Ages 5+ (Youth & Adults)
Auditions: Dec 10 & 11 @ 4:30
Audition Workshop: Dec 9 @ 10:30

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Musical

Ages 8 - 18
Auditions: March 4 & 5 @ 4:30
Audition Workshop: March 2 @ 10:30

Tuck Everlasting

Ages 8 - 18
Auditions: August 18 & 19 @ 4:30
Audition Workshop: August 17 @ 10:30


How Youtheatre Auditions Work

When auditions are posted, there will be several song and monologue options to choose from. Choose whichever song and monologue you like the best! There will be two tracks available for each song option – one with just the notes you would sing for learning the song and one of the piano accompaniment that you will sing along with for the audition. Use both tracks to learn the song and best prepare yourself for the audition. If you wish to read the script to better understand where the song and monologue you chose fits in the story, scripts will be available to check out from the box office after auditions are posted. See the audition posting for more information on how to do this.

Auditions will always have two days on which you can audition. You only have to attend one of these days! When you arrive at the rehearsal hall for auditions (1158 E 12th St, Erie, PA 16503) you will head up the stairs and fill out your audition form. At the posted audition start time, all auditioners will head downstairs to learn the audition dance together and then perform it for the director. After the dance audition, auditioners will be called in one at a time to perform their song and monologue for the director. After you have performed, your audition is complete and you can head home!

Cast lists will always be posted on the Erie Playhouse website later that week and if cast you will receive a welcome email after the cast list is posted with the rehearsal schedule and more information about the show. If not cast, please always feel free to reach out to to see what other ways you may be able to be involved in the production!

If you want to be extra prepared for your audition, the Saturday before there will always be an “audition worksop” where we will work on the audition songs as a group, give time to practice monologues for each other, and learn the audition dance ahead of time. These workshops are not required, but are just a resource for anyone looking for some extra help preparing for the audition!

Ready to Audition?

Check out the following schedule for upcoming auditions.

Audition Schedule