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Showstoppers is an auditioned youth show choir with the mission of providing unparalleled quality performances paired with service for the community.

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Sundays Jan - May | 6 - 8 PM
Ages 8 - 16

Ever get tired of those post-show blues? Wish you could be on stage all year round? Now you can, because Showstoppers is BACK! Showstoppers is an auditioned show choir that works on musical theatre pieces all semester with performances throughout. In this group you will strengthen your skills as a singer, dancer, and actor all while collaborating as a group to find ways to make everyone shine.

Showstoppers: Originals

Sundays Jan - May | 4 - 6 PM
Ages 12 - 18
For the advanced thespian looking for an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills and explore the possibilities of the world of theatre; this group will work together to create a completely original work to be performed for the public at the end of the semester. During the process of devising their own theatrical piece, the students will learn advanced techniques in movement, voice, and storytelling to utilize in the creation of their work. Additionally, all design and production aspects will be led by the students with guidance from industry professionals.


The mission for both groups is to provide rigorous performance opportunities for students while producing unparalleled quality performances for the community. Showstoppers adds to this mission a dedication to serving and connecting with the community in a holistic way with all performances including community service aspects. Showstoppers: Originals has the specific mission of preparing students for a career or lifelong dedication to theatre by exposing them to all aspects of the arts and providing opportunities to share their own unique artistic voices as emerging professionals.

Audition Information

December 14 & 15 @ 4:30 PM At Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall (1158 E 12th St, Erie, PA 16503)

You can audition for both groups if you wish!

Auditions for Showstoppers

Prepare one 16-32 measure cut of a song ( ~ 1 minute) WITH PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT or a karaoke track

Auditions will include a short range test with scales, echo singing portion, and part singing test.

Auditions for Showstoppers: Originals

Prepare one ~ 1 – 2 minute Monologue OR prepare a short creative writing sample to read aloud.

Showstoppers Audition Form

Schedules and Time Commitment

We know that students’ schedules are CRAZY, so Showstoppers only rehearses Sunday afternoons/evenings and tries to keep performances on Sundays as well (though this is not always possible). See the attached calendars for a tentative look at what the Showstoppers time commitment might look like for both groups. THESE ARE NOT FINAL SCHEDULES, THEY ARE LIKELY TO CHANGE!