Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Audition Results

Inherit the Wind cast list:


Matthew Harrison Brady – Mike DeCorte

Henry Drummond – Victor Kuehn 

Bertram “Bert” Cates – Dylan Vergotz

E. K. Hornbeck – Zach Flock

Reverend Jeremiah Brown –James Howells

Rachel Brown – Lyrica Rain

The Judge – Bob Dombrowski

Howard Blair – Aaron Darold/Rafael Gregorius

Melinda Loomis – Miranda Riefstahl/Willow Sullivan

Tom Davenport – Ed Moss

The Mayor – Michael Meyer

Sillers – Will Perron

Meeker – Karl Seman

Mrs. Sarah Brady – Kirsten McCain

Mrs. Krebs – Renee McGill

Mr. Goodfellow – Tim Blair

Mrs. Blair – Kristina Church

Mrs. McClain – Ashley Sullivan

Timmy – London Sullivan

Mrs. Loomis – Jacilyn Snyder

Elijah – Canute James




Mr. Bannister- Matt Dante

Hot Dog Man-Karl Seman

Hurdy Gurdy Man-Dan Bainbridge


Reuters Man-tbd

Harry Y. Esterbrook-Dan Bainbridge


Various other townspeople-tbd


Thank you all for coming out to audition for this important show! As you can see, there are still some gaps in the cast. If you know of folks who might still be interested in being cast, please pass their names and contact info on to Michael or me. The named characters all have business and lines, but not so many to create a huge obligation during the rehearsal process.


We will get a rehearsal schedule out as soon as possible, and we are excited to start the process with all of you!


Thanks, Carolin and Michael