Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Audition Results



Maria Rainer: Maeve Kirby

The Mother Abbess: Cynthia Harding*

Sister Berthe: Diane Martone

Sister Margaretta: Mariana Mathewson

Sister Sophia: Colleen Prittie

Sister Catherine: Emily Horn

Sister Agatha/Soloist: Karalyn Headley

Sister Bernice: Desirae Scott

Franz: Michael Meyer

Frau Schmidt: Char Newport

Capt. Georg Von Trapp: Brendan Daugherty


The Von Trapp Children

Liesl: Molly Parks

Friedrich: Aaron Darold*

Louisa: Amelia Van Riper*

Kurt: Liam Tecero

Brigitta: Mira Murosky*

Marta: Sullivan Moffett*

Gretl: Brinley Hayes*


Rolf: Aaron Holman

Elsa Schraeder: Karen Brennan

Max Detweiler: Michael Wachter

Herr Zeller: Richard J. Kress

Baron Elberfeld: TBA

Baroness Elberfeld: Judy Stow

Admiral Von Schreiber: Richard Davis

Nuns/Postulants: Ava Gardner, Shari Gould, Holly Kress*, Mary Link*,  Maggie Madonia*, Emily Morphy, Gianna Natalie, Helen Parenti*, Maya Post, McKenzie Rowland*, Joanie Salchli, Judy Stow, Ava Stripp, Elizabeth Williams*, Sara Warnshuis

*Denotes Mainstage debut.

Many thanks to all the actors/actresses that shared their talents with us at auditions. As always, there are many factors that decide the casting and if you weren’t cast, please consider auditioning for Clue or Elf  August 1 & 2.

To those that were cast – Congratulations!  We are very excited to work with each and every one of you. 

Our first rehearsal will be August 3 at 6:30pm at the Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall. 

We will send an email when scripts and music are available for pick up in the box office. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Sue. You can get my contact info from the box office. (814.454.2852)


Sue & Patrick



Charlie Price – Brent Hetrick

Lola – Curtis Jones III

Lauren – Sara Warnshuis*

Nicola – Nicole Schneelock

George – Ryan Ingram

Don – Chris Pederson*

Mr. Price – Dave Edmunds

Young Charlie – Liam Tercero

Young Lola – TBA

Man 1, Factory Worker, Pub Patron – JR Dandrea 

Man 2, Harry, Factory worker, Photographer – John Hetrick*

Man 3, Richard Bailey, Hooligan, Factory worker -Patrick Philip Becker

Man 4, Simon Sr, Homeless man, Factory Worker – AJ Holman

Man 5, Pub Patron, Factory Worker – Roland Robbinson

Man 6 Factory Worker – Javish Santiago-Lugo

Woman 1 – Maila Mann*

Woman 2 –  Ashley Meyer

Woman 3 –  Gianna Natalie

Trish (Woman 4) – Sallie Richards

Pat (Woman 5) – Melissa J. Dixon

Woman 6 – Tobeigh Ingram*

Angel 1 – Micca Santiago

Angel 2,  Referee – Austin Kulyk 

Angel 3 – Isaiah Aldridge

Angel 4 – Myles Bruce

Angel 5 – Zachary Nowosielski*

Angel 6 – Dominic Turiczek

*Denotes Playhouse Mainstage Debut

Director/Choreographer: Richard Davis

Musical Director: Devon Yates

Assistant Director: John Burton

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Kinky Boots. Casting is always difficult and conflicts were a factor along with the requirements of the show.  If you weren’t cast we have auditions coming up later in the Season for Clue and Elf.  Please come back and try again.

For those cast, our first rehearsal will be Saturday June 11th at 1:00p at the theatre.  You will receive your scripts and music at that time and we will read through the script. Please use the front door.  I will be sending out the rehearsal schedule as soon as I have it finished.

Thank you,