Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Audition Results


Thank you to everyone who auditioned, we had one of the best turnouts of the season! It was a difficult decision, and if you were not cast, PLEASE audition for our next  Youtheatre show Lyle the Crocodile this winter! I also hope you will consider signing up for our new classes being offered for our 2024 season. They will be announced in October! 


Mal – Claire Hill

Evie – Natalie Tredent

Ben – Braeden Brickell

Jay – Liam Tercero

Carlos – Rafael Gregorius

Audrey – Aubrey Sturgis

Chad – Messiah Hughes

Jane – Nylah James

Doug – Ben Wilkins

Maleficent/Dance Captain – Addy Johnson

Fairy Godmother/Assistant Musical Director – Sophia Spanogle

Grimhilde – Allana Baden

Jafar – Ace Cortez

Cruella De Vil – Brylynne Erickson

Beast – Hayden Black

Belle – Madelyn Eaglen

Maurice – Candace Mineo

Royal Paige/Auradonian Choir – Olivia Blount

Auradonian Choir – Madeleyn Hart, Madeline McCarthy, Eden Irwin, Katana Light, and Scarlett Miller

Auradonian 1/Auradonian Choir – Ameila Van Riper

Auradonian 2/Auradonian Choir – Eva Marnella

Crowd Memeber 1 – Lillian Lamberton

Crowd Member 2 – Rebecca Mcguire

Crowd Member 3 – Willow Sullivan

Cheerleader/Uma Cameo – My’Raya Thomas

Cheerleader – Tamiyah Goodwin, Madeline Spanogle, and Jayla Banks

Tourney Player – Amelia Lehr, Laney Doluk, Kate Shannon, and Zoe Murphy

Coach/Islander – Layla Small

Snow White/Royal Guard/Islander – Lainey Jane Kress

Smitten Kid 1/Press/Islander – Francis Spanogle

Smitten Kid 2/Press/Islander – Adelyn Seelinger

Royal Guard/Press/Kid Who Loses Lollipop – Natalie JoAnn Kress

Islanders – Isabella Senger, Rose Jonas, Colleen Brennan, Animor Papson, Metaeus Hughs, Danny Ferrare, and Millie Johnson

For those cast, our first rehearsal will be TOMORROW, Thursday 08/31 4:30pm-6:30pm. Parents are required to attend the first half hour of rehearsal where we will be going over expectations and the rehearsal schedule. Your scripts will be handed out at this rehearsal as well! Look out for a welcome email coming later today with more information.