Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Audition Results

The Lightning Thief Cast List

Percy Jackson: Vexx Festa* 

Annabeth Chase: Natalie Tredent*

Grover Underwood: Annika Biggs

D, aka DIONYSUS: Sydni Siano

Luke: Kamdyn Brandt*

Sally Jackson: Emily Horn*

Clarisse: Sophia Spangle* 

Charon: Ashlyn Williams*

Ares: Rafael Gregorious

Brunner, aka Chiron: Braeden Brickell*

The Oracle: Lainey Kress

Mrs. Dodds: Emma Kill*

Katie Gardner: Sophia Myers   

Thalia: Olivia Blount

Silena Beauregard: Amelia Van Riper

Poseidon & Hades: Amir Jabbar*

Aunty Em, aka Medusa: Hailey Coverdale*

Squirrel: Dustin Blount*

Ensemble (Minotaur, Half Bloods, Echoes, Cyclops, Kronos, Late Rock Stars, Echidna, and other roles) 

Fiona Alphonso*

Brylynne Erickson*

Messiah Hughes*

Metaeus Hughes*

Nylah James

Mira Murosky

Max Murphy*

Zoe Murphy

Ruby Murphy Allen

Pearl Murphy Allen*

Jasper Murphy Allen

Liam Tercero

Donald Tredent*

Carmella Tredent*

Jackson Webb

Congratulations to all who were cast!  We can’t wait to get started on telling this awesome story with you!  Please look for an email from Dom ( in the next couple days with info about your first rehearsal.

Thank you!!

Dom, Josiah, Ava, Maddie, and Roland