Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Audition Results

To everyone who auditioned for tick, tick…BOOM! a huge thank you.  As always it was very difficult casting with so many talented people auditioning, conflicts, and how ages worked between actors were big factors.  If you were not cast, please come back–we have some outstanding shows coming up later in the year with large casts.

If you were cast, congratulations!, We are thrilled with the cast and will be in touch very soon.


Jon – Brandon Vogt

Michael – Tevis Bryant*

Susan – Jessie Thorpe

*Denotes Mainstage Debut




Thank you all for auditioning for White Christmas. As always the casting was very difficult and a lot of very good people did not get cast. The bulk of the work is done by the dancing ensemble and so there just isn’t the need for a large ensemble. Please come back and try again.

For those that are cast, congratulations! Our first rehearsal will be on Sunday October 10th at 7:00pm at the rehearsal hall 1158 East 12th Street. Please do your best to keep that evening free and be there. We will hand out materials at that time and read thru the script. I will be emailing you in the next few weeks with more details. I am looking forward to creating holiday magic with you all.

Bob Wallace – Richard Kress

Phil Davis – Aaron Holman

Betty Haynes – Claire DeArmitt*

Judy Haynes – Rose Pregler*

General Waverly -JR Fabin*

Martha Watson – Jill Keating*

Susan Waverly – Olivia Clinton

Ralph Sheldrake – Vinny Marino*

Sextet/Mrs. Snoring Man – Mariana Mathewson*

Sextet/Assistant Seamstress – Cyndie Johnson

Sextet/Jimmy/Train Conductor/Regency Room Announcer – Nick Bradley

Sextet/Ed Sullivan Announcer/ Ezekiel Foster – Mike Meyer

Sextet/Mike/Snoring Man – Christopher Hinchman

Sextet/Tessie/Seamstress – Shari Gould

Ensemble/Crabby Woman – Patti Rudzinski

Rita/Dancer – Jenna Baker

Rhoda/Dancer – Sallie Richards*

Cigarette Girl/Dancer – Amanda Fielding*

Dancer – Kieran Sears*

Dancer – Ashley Meyer*

Choreographer/Dancer – Michael Hipwell

Dancer – Isaiah Aldridge

Dancer – Seamus Clerkin

Dancer – Anthony Holman

Dancer – Dominic Turiczek

*Denotes Erie Playhouse Mainstage Debut