Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Auditions – Tootsie

Auditions for the Erie Playhouse production of TOOTSIE will be held on November 12 and 13 at 6:30 pm at the Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall at 1158 East 12th Street.

Actors are asked to arrive and to sign in within the first hour of the audition start time. All roles are available. The Erie Playhouse practices color conscious casting.  All ethnicities  and newcomers are welcome. Crew and other volunteers are also needed for these events. Perusal scripts are available in the box office for 24 hrs. with a refundable $10 deposit.  Questions?, please contact richardd@erieplayhouse.       


Music and lyrics by David Yazbek, Book by Robert Horn

Directed and Choreographed by Richard Davis

Asst. Director – John Burton

Asst. Choreographer –  Emma Rose Niethamer-Lews

Music Director – TBA

Show Dates – Jan 26, 27, Feb. 2-4, 8-11, 2024

Rehearsals begin late November-early December

Audition requirements – 32 bars or a one and a half minute song; you must provide the sheet music and an accompanist will be provided.  A karaoke track is also acceptable. Please also prepare a short monologue – be familiar with it if not fully memorized.  There will also be a short dance/movement audition.

Synopsis: Call it “musical comedy heaven” (Rolling Stone). Call it “the most uproarious new musical in years!” (The Hollywood Reporter). Call it Tootsie!  This laugh-out-loud love letter to the theatre tells the story of Michael Dorsey, a talented but difficult actor who struggles to find work until one show-stopping act of desperation lands him the role of a lifetime. Auditions open to ages 5 and up.

Roles in Tootsie

Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels. Lead. Male.  Should play 40 on stage. An actor’s actor. A focused perfectionist, outspoken, stubborn, abrasive and at 40 – frustrated at where his career hasn’t taken him. He’s myopic when it comes to his work, non-committal and flirtatious when it comes to women, and exasperating to all when it comes to something he wants. Highly intelligent and desperate to do the one thing he loves more than life itself… act. When Michael realizes that he can no longer book work after an audition goes poorly, he reinvents himself as actress Dorothy Michaels, and wins the part. Dorothy Michaels is strong-willed, understanding, humorous, playful, and always speaks her mind. She can talk to people in a way Michael can’t. She’s slightly coy, slightly vain, and completely lovable. She’s Michael’s better half, and sometimes, his better whole. Strong comic chops are needed. Baritenor (A2-G4/Bb4) with either a very strong high falsetto/mix or a high tenor belt. Lead.
Julie Nichols. Lead. Female. Should play 30-39 on stage. An actor at a crossroad in her life. Focused, self-aware, and self-assured. She has an organic beauty and heartfelt humor – which she uses to avoid what she’s really feeling. She masks her pain and longs to connect. Kindhearted and modest, she gets the joke, is grateful for what she’s been given, but is not ready to demand what will make her happy. She won’t give her heart easily, but when she does, it’s completely. Mezzo with a strong mix/belt. Principal.
Sandy Lester. Lead. Female. Should play 35-40 on stage. Neurotic, pessimistic, self-deprecating, childish, and easily flummoxed. She is her own worst enemy – second-guesses her third guesses, can’t let anything go and literally created a yoga position called “The Downward Spiral.” She thinks the world is out to get her, wallowing in self-pity. She makes her anxieties known incredibly loudly and really just wants to be happy. She’s got a big heart, which always gets broken. Any voice part, mix or belt up to C5, highest note is E5. Principal.
Jeff Slater. Lead. Should play 30-49 on stage. A sardonic realist who lacks the ambition and drive to live up to his potential. The voice of reason that swirls just outside the eye of Michael’s chaos. Jeff sees the humor of situations and has no reluctance to point out people’s flaws – even his own. His self-awareness and observations make him Michael’s sounding board and conscience, as well as best friend. A lethargic ball of moderate enthusiasm, Jeff has a motto: “Seize the day!” – He sees the day, then goes back to bed. Baritone/baritenor with falsetto. Principal.
Max Van Horn. Lead. Male. Should play 20-39 on stage. Self-obsessed, with a limited wit. A firm believer in his own hype, he’s a “personality” who measures his appeal through artificial adulation… and can’t imagine anyone not being attracted to him. Welcoming any opportunity to take off his shirt, he thinks the world revolves around him. He never gets the joke and is sure he’s deeper than he is. Tangled earbuds are his Rubik’s Cube. This role will be performed shirtless. Baritone/baritenor (C3 to G4). Principal.
Ron Carlisle. Lead. Male. 40+. An incredibly successful director – just ask him. He demands respect and is often disrespectful in return. His “creative well” does not go that deep, but he knows what sells. He has little patience, and even less vision. Loves an argument as long as he wins it and manages to work his accomplishments into EVERY conversation. He’s the first to tell you that he’s damn good at being humble. Baritone, but material is in a comfortable mid-range for most voices. Principal.
Rita Marshall. Lead.  Female. 50-69. The show’s producer.
Stan Fields. Lead. Male. 50-59. Michael’s Agent.
Stuart/Director 2. 30+. One of the show’s Authors.
Suzie/Director 1. 30+. One of the show’s Authors.
Stage Manager/Director 3.