Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Evening of One Acts


January 18, 20177:30 pm

Join us as we re-enact the first shows ever performed by the Playhouse – Galatea of the Toy Shop, I’m Going, and Sunset. This evening of one act plays was originally performed at the Reed Hotel on North Park Row January 18, 1916 with 99 audience members. We are thrilled to collaborate with the other theatres in town to present this event. Directors from PACA, Dramashop and All an Act, will direct these nostalgic plays.

GALATEA OF THE TOYSHOP tells the tale of toymaker Oscar Schwarz who has finally completed the perfect doll, whom he names Galatea. There is something extra special about this doll, for when he kisses her, she miraculously comes to life. Galatea questions why she is not a real young woman. Oscar tries to helps her discover herself and maybe even get a chance at love. Directed by Mark Tanenbaum.

I’M GOING is a battle of wits when husband and wife, Henri and Jeanne, both want to be alone for the day, but neither wants to admit it to the other. From threats of boredom, to affairs, the couple tries to manipulate one another into leaving. I’M GOING is a classic comedic farce by Triston Bernard, one of the best French Farce writers of his day. Directed by Zach Flock.

In the comedy SUNSET, based upon Lord Tennyson’s poem, “The Sisters,” two half-sisters, Joan and Lois, are devotedly attached to each other. After a summer apart they meet, and each confesses she is having a love affair. They find that their suitors are similar and when Lois’s suitor arrives unexpectedly, Joan realizes they are in love with the same man. Will Joan accept the man’s proposal to leave Lois for her or sacrifice her own happiness for that of her sister? Directed by David Mitchell and KC McCloskey.

**General admission tickets will be available at the Erie Art Museum the evening of the one acts.**


Galatea of the Toy Shop

Oscar Schwartz
Bryan Toy

Amy Gilewicz

I’m Going

Steve Ropski

Sue Ellen Wojciechowski


Mr. Rivers
Dan Pruyn

Aunt Drusilla
Bev Walz

Lawrence Leigh

Azariah Stodd

Lois Rivers
Krista Rayne Reckner

Joan Jaspar
Daisy Schaaf