About Youtheatre

Theatre is a form of expression that allows, encourages and cajoles young people to use their most precious gift, their creative imagination. 

Students are motivated to use this creativity at every rehearsal, performance and class. In turn, this expression of creativity will carry with them in all they do throughout their entire lifetime.

Participating in Youtheatre will open up channels of communication, encourage individual thought and group activity, promote respect for oneself, others and the creative process, and subtly build self-esteem.

The goal of Youtheatre is twofold:

  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in all areas of theatrical productions where they show a genuine interest and desire, learning the process of production as well as actual performance.
  • To provide educational opportunities for students who choose to participate in theatrical classes, learning introductory and advanced theatrical and singing techniques. 
Youtheatre Handbook