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Winter 2015

Imagination Station (Ages 5-9)
January 17-February 21, 2015
Saturday 9:00-9:55am

Do your little ones have active imaginations? Let their creativity take flight in this introduction to the basics of acting and improvisation. Using theatre games, basic scenes, and creative movement, your young actors will learn how to translate their imaginings into a performance. (Cost: $65.)

Shining Stars (Ages 10-14)
January 17-February 21, 2015
Saturday 11:00-11:55am

If your children have been “bitten” by the theatre bug, let us help them hone their skills. Through improvisation, scene work, and collaboration with their fellow students, the students will have a chance to express themselves while refining their stage skills. (Cost: $65.)

Actor’s Studio (Experienced kids to age 18)
January 18-February 1, 2015
Sunday 5:00-6:00p
*If the day and time are not convenient, please let us know what may work better for you, so we can find the best time for everyone.

For the more experienced actor with previous stage experience who would like to delve further into the craft of theatre. In depth scene study, character development, discussion of different styles of drama, and monologue work will help give your actor build a bigger toolbox to draw from when working on his or her next production. (Cost: $35 individually, $65 if taken with Musical Theatre Lab.)

Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! (Beginning Musical Theatre)
January 17-February 21, 2015
Saturday 10:00-10:55a

If you have a budding star who loves to sing, dance, and act, but needs some help putting it all together, this is the class for him or her. Your performer will learn basic musical theatre techniques while learning songs, dances, scenes…and then putting them all together! (Cost: $65.)

Musical Theatre Lab (Intermediate/Advanced)
February 8-22, 2015
Sunday, 5:00-6:00p
*If the day and time are not convenient, please let us know what may work better for you, so we can find the best time for everyone.

For the more experienced singer/dancer/actor who has experience performing in musicals. These budding divas will focus on solos, duets, & trios, in song, dance, & scene, with a strong focus on how to interpret materials and choreography and relate interpretation to performance. (Cost: $35 individually, $65 if taken with Actor’s Studio)

Music Theory for the Stage (Ages 13-ADULT)
January 19-February 9, 2015
Monday, 6:00p-6:55p

If you feel like you’re trying to read hieroglyphics at music rehearsals, let us help give you the building blocks to make sense of it. In this four week music theory intensive, you’ll learn the basics of reading notes and rhythms, sight-singing, music terminology, and some basic chord structures that you see in the choral music in shows. If you’re a student thinking about a college career in musical theatre or a volunteer performer who wants to know more about what you’re singing, let us give you the tools to be a better singer & musician. (Cost $45.)

Audition Technique Workshop (Ages 10-18)
Saturday, February 28, 2015, 10:00a-1:00p

Whether your student is planning an audition for the first time, or has been in many shows already, let us help them get their audition materials ready for their next audition performance! In this 3 hour intensive workshop, your students will receive individual coaching on their audition pieces, as well as general instruction on how to make their mark and leave a great impression. (Cost: $35)
Costs are listed with the class descriptions, but please note that a non-refundable $15 deposit is required, but will be applied towards your balance.

Teaching Artists
Domenic DelGreco (Acting & Audition Techniques)
Alaina Manchester (Acting & Beginning Musical Theatre)
Kate Neubert-Lechner (Actor's Studio, Musical Theatre Lab, & Audition Techniques)
Andrew Rainbow (Music Theory, Musical Theatre & Audition Techniques)

Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall - 1158 East 12th Street, Upstairs

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